2024 NZ Hi-Tech Awards -Marlborough’s Triumph

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Remember when we talked about Marlborough’s rise as a tech hotspot? We were all excited about Southern Water Engineering, The Smart Machine Company, and Starboard Maritime Intelligence being finalists at the 2024 NZ Hi-Tech Awards. Well, guess what? The results are in, and Marlborough’s tech stars have absolutely rocked it!

First up, The Smart Machine Company won the NZTE Most Innovative Hi-Tech Agritech Solution award for their autonomous vineyard robot. This isn’t just any robot; it’s set to transform the way we do agriculture. Imagine your vineyard getting a high-tech makeover – that’s some serious innovation!

Starboard Maritime Intelligence didn’t just stop at one award – they bagged two! They won the Duncan Cotterill Most Innovative Hi-Tech Software Solution and the Punakaiki Fund Hi-Tech Startup Company of the Year awards. Their maritime solutions are making waves (pun intended) in the industry, showing everyone that Marlborough means business when it comes to tech.

These wins are a big thumbs-up to the world-class innovation happening right here in our community. 🎉

The 2024 NZ Hi-Tech Awards have been a massive win for Marlborough’s tech heroes. As we cheer for their well-deserved victories, let’s also double down on supporting our vibrant tech ecosystem. With the right vision, resources, and a sprinkle of community spirit, Marlborough’s “Silicon Valley with better scenery and wine” could soon be more than just a dream. This isn’t just a win for the companies involved; it’s a win for all of us. It highlights our region’s potential and hints at the amazing future ahead.

Let’s keep the momentum going, folks! Support our tech pioneers as they continue to innovate and make Marlborough the coolest tech hub in New Zealand. The success at the Hi-Tech Awards shows our region’s potential and calls on all of us to chip in and support the tech scene here. The future looks bright, and we’re excited to see what’s next.

So, here’s to celebrating our tech champions! Let’s keep the excitement alive and support them on their journey to make Marlborough a top tech destination. This success isn’t just a victory for the companies; it’s a win for Marlborough and New Zealand as a whole. It shows off our region’s promise and hints at fantastic things to come.

Stay tuned, keep cheering, and let’s keep building an innovative future together! 🚀

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